Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th

The challenge at Saturday Surprise is "abstract" - no people, no words. I did use an object, a flag, and I used one of my own pictures of roses as a background with a glass mosaic filter on them. A couple of overlays - one from Scrapping with Liz and the other from an unknown source. I added the flag in a hard light blend mode at 60% opacity.


  1. Very nice! The flag does add a nice touch. Thanks for joining in on the fun! Happy 4th!

  2. This is so pretty...and patriotic! Happy 4th to you too! ~Lori

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, stunning take on July 4. Terrific!

  4. Thank you so much to be my follower!!! :O)

    I'm sure you'll have to come back because I can't speak very much about the techniques I've used... :O) I did many things, but I don't remember exactly what and when! :O)))
    I "learnt" to use Photoshopy by myself... It's something like that: "it's good? OK." It's not? Step backward!" Did you see? :O)

    But you use Photoshop very, very well!!! Love your works!!!

    Thank you once more!!!