Friday, March 9, 2012


Sometimes it's really hard to come up with a title for your Priority Quilts that hasn't been used 100 times before. After all, we've received over 9,600 quilts at the AAQIand it's a good thing they're assigned numbers as part of the title or we'd have many, many duplicates. So I've turned to the dictionary. I looked up "flower" and when I saw "efflorescence" in that definition, I looked it up. Efflorescence means: the state or a period of flowering, or an example or result of growth and development. Both chimed with me as the Angelina glows (effervescence) and I made the flower to decorate a Christmas package. After the gift was opened, I rescued the flower and made this quilt with it (recycling is a development, right?). The flower pedals are made with Angelina, as mentioned above and the center is a brad. Background fabric is some sort of upholstery fabric - I liked the texture contrast with the smooth and shiny Angelina. Stem, leaf and grass are made with the backside of a commercial cotton - again I was looking for contrast. I quilted the background in a wispy weedy pattern and added French knots for even more texture. Satin stitch binding.