Saturday, July 25, 2009


This started out with an image from Artarazzi, but the focal point is a statue grouping I got a photo of when I was downtown (Chicago) wandering around the other day. Couldn't find a plaque with the name of the piece or the artist. Anyway, added bits are a doodle by akiloune, an edger by KPertiet, and a trellis vine by Cali. There are a few other bits in there, but since I haven't always been good about keeping track of where I get things, I can't give credit.


  1. This is excellent...beautifully created, Diane!

  2. I love what you've done with this!!!

  3. Awesome Diane! What a fantastic use of the wonderful background we were given!
    I'm so glad you shared this creation - Just awesome!

  4. This is fab. Love the idea of family worked into it. thanks so much for following dezinaworld blog. I am also going to follow you here
    hugs June x
    ps, its a bit confusing as i am signed into my other account but i also have the dezinaworld one