Saturday, July 11, 2009

ET Phone Home

This requires some explaination . . .
The Artarazzi challenge this week is a picture of a cell phone. OK - nothing creative running through my head. Then I notice that the screen saver on the cell phone is this big splash and drops of water. Boing! I remembered this picture of a crop circle that I'd extracted a few months ago and never did anything with. So that's how this was born. The screensaver is in there, really, but I added a splash of water from stock.xchang 'cause it was pretty small after I cropped it out of the phone. I added some drops and some sparkles by Cali and the frame is from KPertiet. There's a concrete stairway in there too, extracted and flipped - for texture and perspective. And because the crop circle is so strange and alien looking I added the phone and the ET Phone Home text.


  1. Beautifullu done - I love the chandelier effect and the sparkles.

  2. Blimey! How creative are you! I was stil thinking about the image as a phone, but your idea is way better!