Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ahhhhhh, I'm home!

There is nothing like going away for a bit to make you appreciate your own space! When Tom dropped me off at the train, he made a joke about now I've experienced surburbia, I'd be glad to get back to the city. I said that this was not suburbia, this was the wilderness! I do enjoy public transportation, though - you meet so many nice people. A man held the door to the shelter open for me to get in with my suitcase and he and his wife and daughter were people I would never have met normally. Yet, while we waited the couple of minutes for the train, we chatted about the weather and Metra travel. Then this nice man lifted my suitcase onto the train for me! So there are also a few wierdos on most trains, you an just ignore a dog - if you don't look at them they won't bother you.

Except Beth and Tom's dogs. VERY persistent! I can't say I will miss them, but they really weren't bad dogs. They're just DOGS, and I'm not overly fond of dogs. We did have fun playing in the snow this morning, though.

When I got off the train in downtown Evanston, I just couldn't stop grinning. People, lights, traffic. I love it all.

And I had a ton of fun mail - well a ton of boring stuff and some really fun things from One World One Heart, an invite to a studio opening, a card from my cousin Carol, a DVD I bought when blog hopping during OWOH and one I won. Oh and a cross stitch pattern I also won during OWOH. And my Chinese Brush Painting ATCs from a swap. All in all a very cool welcome home!


  1. I use the word "cool" too much!

  2. i'm so glad my little collage and card arrived,