Monday, December 26, 2011

There's a project afoot . . .

I had to look up afoot. Make sure it was a real word - and it is: astir, in progress. Online dictionaries are really cool anyway - they usually have all sorts of info just there for the looking. The word of the day is solatium.
Anyway, is there a project afoot, or did my favorite bead store just have a 25% off sale? The answer is "yes" and "yes". I've discovered I enjoy beading, now that I found a needle threader that will thread those teeny tiny hole beading needles. It's called the Escort II and it has the name written in Japanese figures below that, probably because it's made by Kawaguchi Co. in Japan.

And beads are pretty cheap! You can build up quite a stash pretty inexpensively and they're really pretty to look at! And you can watch TV without feeling guilty (I never was any good at knitting or even crochet). Right after I found the needle threader that works, I started beading the quilt below and now I can't stop! I think I'll finish the parrot's wing and then stop.

By the way solatium means compensation for inconvenience, loss or injury.


  1. Hmmm, I'm not sure you can quit after the wing . . . I'm thinking the body will need a few beads as well. Very nice project! I have loads of beads and really should use them more. Can you get me one of those needle threaders next time you go to the bead store??

  2. I didn't buy it at the bead store - bought it at the show in Madison from a vendor - and of course can't remember the name now. Check online and see if you can find a source. My bead store specializes in jewelry making - it was all I could do to get them to dig out some nymo from a bottom drawer. They do wire and cording - not sewing.

  3. If anyone asks, it's the Bohin Easy Needle Threader (#3417), and I was able to purchase it online from Quilt in a Day here: for $12.57 on sale.