Sunday, December 25, 2011

Finally . . .

I'm a pretty crummy blogger. I never think to blog about cool things that happen. Here's one: The other day I went with a friend to an Interior Design shop that is downsizing and the owner offered to donate material to me since I make quilts for the AAQI. Talk about being a kid in a candy store! I found so many wonderful pieces my head was spinning. Here's a shot of about a quarter of my haul.
This is the quilt I made today - the tiger was a piece of upholstery fabric and the twill was part of the goodies I got too.


  1. Love it and what a wonderful gift! It's truly the gift that will keep on giving and giving. I actually set out some fabric for a similar idea..but now that I've seen what you've done I've got even better ideas for it ;) That is darling!

  2. OK, I was curious what "Wild Cat" looked like and now I know. Very cool!! Are you sharing any of those lucious fabrics? Hmmmm?

  3. Absolutely! I'll bring an few when I come up in January! I just auditioned some yellow beads to Wild Cat and it brings him out of the drab green really cool. Will do another scan when I get them sewn down.