Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Present to my Family

This was an emotional journey turned learning experience. Dad has Loewy Body Disease - an Alzheimer's-like dementia. The idea for this collage was inspired by Marcia Middents, who created a Priority Alzheimer's Quilt with this concept. See Searching For Memories.

The digital collage was the easy part once I got past the tears of deciding which words and pictures to use. I wanted it to be heart-wrenching, yet somehow positive. The learning experience came in when I figured out how to cover artist stretcher bars with batting and fabric, backed it and got the hanging hardware on it. Many, many hot glue sticks were sacrificed! I made 5 of these - this is the one I kept for myself - the others all had different fabrics and embellishments.

I should go take another picture - this one is a bit blurry, but you get the idea.


  1. It is absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful tribute to your dad. My mum has alzeimers desease so i know where your tears are held
    hugs June xxx

  2. Believe me, this is even more impressive IRL, I am the proud holder of one of these pieces of art and will treasure it! Thanks Di!