Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fear (working post)

I got this 9x12 future Priority Quilt laid out this morning. This quilt is about dementia, and how fear is the root of many the difficult behaviours. Ribbon stems are computer printed. Flowers (purchased as is) are a velvet paper that can be painted - I'm thinking watercolor purples, as purple is the color of the Alzheimer's Association. Need to add centers - only one came with a beaded center. Beth you might recognize one of your unique hand dyes in the background. Lois, that's one of your rusted fabrics as the dirt (also computer printed).
I will be adding leaves and am thinking of quilting the word "hope" in the background - but I'll have to practice that one for awhile! Ideas? Suggestions?


  1. I like the layout a lot! It really seems balanced to me. The idea of embroidering "hope" seems a good one. Otherwise, it seems a bit negative. Would it be too corny to have a butterfly with the word "hope" on or near it?
    The contrast between the white of the flowers and the blue of the sky is really good. I'm not sure purple flowers would work as well as white.
    Keep us posted on the evolution!! Jane

  2. First of all, LOVE the fabric! I'm with Jane, the balance is good. Maybe keep the edge of the flowers white and add soft purple coloration to the petals, getting darker toward the center. You'd keep the contrast and gain depth. Lose the fake beads and use real seed beads as a center. I like the idea of the word "hope", and you're right, it needs to be "ethereal" (sp?), not "in your face" so maybe in the sky add "research", "caregivers", "hope", "smiles", things along that line so the whole piece isn't so heavy. Just my thoughts . . .