Saturday, February 6, 2016

Birthday gift for my 8 year old niece

It's a little pink hard covered journal that I picked up at Blick and altered. The Always Believe bit is printed on deli paper and embossed. I xyroned it and almost didn't get it off the backing in one piece and of course it went down slightly crooked so I bordered it with some fabric. The mushrooms and fairy are chipboard I painted (from

Inside I pasted this dedication:

February 2, 2016

Dear Faith,

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen! Keep your eyes open for it because the "something wonderful" may not be large or obvious. It may be tiny and hard to see. Sometimes it's just as simple as a hug or a  kiss from someone you love. Sometimes it's noticing a leaf that looks like a crown or a hummingbird! Sometimes it's meeting a new friend or sharing something fun with a friend you already love. You have to be alert and really look for wonderful things and appreciate them when you notice them.

I'm giving you this book so you can write down the wonderful things that happen to you. That way it's easy to remember them and you can remember them if you ever get sad. And look forward to the next wonderful thing that is just around the corner.

This isn't a secret book because wonderful things are supposed to be shared! Maybe someone like your Mom or Grace can even help you notice something wonderful? Enjoy your book and enjoy being on the lookout for your next lovely surprise!

I love you dearly!