Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How Quickly Time Flies!

I can't believe it's July and the "heat is on". Maybe if I'm trapped in the house because it's too hot out, I'll get more done? Doubtful~ Anyway, I was just watching Tom Russell on The Quilt Show and now have lots MORE ideas floating around in my head that I may never have time to play with, but it was a very interesting show! But then I went into the Free Shows tab and re-watched Ami Simm's show about the AAQI. I was actually in the Boulder, CO studio that day and have since watched the show on TQS, but this time I paid closer attention to the After Show slideshow. I found three shots of quilts I gathered names on and quilted. I quilted the words faith, hope and love. AND (most precious) a picture of me and my Dad which I had forgotten was in that show.


  1. Awesome, Beth! Talking about hitting the heart strings with the personal connection! A loving and lovely photo of you and your dad..touches my own heart..trust me! ((hugs, hugs))

  2. Thanks, Michele, but that is my sister, Diane . . . we pretty much look nothing alike. (grin)

    That was a touching tribute, Diane - it was a wonderful experience to share that taping with Ami and to be part of her road crew!