Sunday, January 29, 2012

I used to be . . .

Blouse Cuffs
Today I realized I'd made a mistake and forgotten to get a number in the 8800's re-assigned (and since Beth is now assigning 9300's that's pretty far behind). Luckily, I had this piece on my design wall all but finished - waiting for the buttons and the backing. So I quick finished it up and got it registered as 8885 and filled a hole in our numerical order neatly. These are actual blouse cuffs that were so pretty, I decided to deconstruct them to see if I could save the lace. Then I won some fabric paper on Fannie Narte's blog and I held it behind the salvaged lace and thought it looked pretty. Lightly batted with felt, I quilted around the circles in the lace and laid a strip of blouse fabric down to cover the center where the two cuffs met. I wanted to keep the lace edges intact, so I backed the whole thing with a piece of fabric covered Timtex. Glad it's off my design wall and will be on it's way to earn money for Alzheimer's research for the AAQI.

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  1. A lovely idea and very quick thinking on your part, I might add. It actually has a lovely, almost exotic look to it. Or maybe because I just watched a show on the Turkish bazaars ;) In any case, a wonderful use of fabrics!