Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Almost Done!

I admit, I work slow . . . I often let things sit around for awhile, waiting for that little voice to speak in my ear. This one is has been worked that way. I finally realized it was the flower centers that were bugging me, so I took a walk down to Ayla's Beads yesterday afternoon and found some really cool stuff. Although it's hard not to find cool stuff in that store! So the centers are on (one is a singleton earring given me by a neighbor) and I just need to stitch on a few butterfly beads and a (you're gonna love this, Beth) an awsome turtle bead I found yesterday.

I added an image transfer of some words (hope, love and research) to the background, and then FMQed the same words in a variegated thread. I added some grass and some roots, which I think help to weight the bottom sufficiently to offset the flowers and also take some of the emphasis off the word Fear. So far, I'm pretty happy with it and will be auditioning bindings next.


  1. Beautiful! I love the way the fear grows into beautiful flowers. A great illustration of our growth through the challenges we face.

  2. Di, this is one of my favorite pieces you've done so far, even without the turtle bead (but I'm sure that will make it EVEN BETTER!) - can't wait to see it IRL! The quilting is great, the words are very easy to read. Great job!!