Monday, June 22, 2009

Message in a Bottle

This is another quote challenge from
Paper Whimsy. I really liked this poem.

—Hilda Conkling
When moonlight falls on the water
It is like fingers touching the chords of a harp
On a misty day.
When moonlight strikes the water
I cannot get it into my poem:
I only hear the tinkle of ripplings of light.
When I see the water's fingers and the moon's rays
I think of all the words I love to hear,
And try to find words white enough
For such shining...

The rules:
- Use something that evokes moonlight (I used silver embossing powder around the moon, but it doesn't show up well).
- Include something that suggests music (my violin playing angel)
- Include a pocket, into which tuck words you personally love to hear (my pocket is the waves and the words: dreams, secrets, mysteries, ethereal, whispers, effervescent, and magical are in the bottles)>
- Include two other PW images (the words are from a collage sheet I purchased and the fish - signifying water - is from a previous challenge collage sheet).


  1. Love all of the magical bottles, every detail is really lovely Diane!

  2. Oh Wow this is just beautiful Diane :)