Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Phase One complete

I no longer have a dining room! Instead I have a lovely 36x60 counter height work space complete with a 36x24 cutting board and a 36x20 ironing surface. It is directly under the one ceiling light fixture in the room and next to the patio which on sunny days gives me lots of natural light all day long. I am thrilled! More pictures of the rest of the studio as I get things organized.


  1. *grin* Much better than the cardboard. :) Can I come over and play again!? Your sewing machine isn't as scary, now.

  2. this looks awesome, and you will probably use it more than a dining room. I know we only use ours twice a year. Have fun!

  3. Having a well organized workspace is wonderful isn't it? I've taken over 2 rooms in our house for my quilting.